Mapmaking Guide


Unity Tools

When you install Unity, you will sign in with an account that can be used to get FREE assets and tools off of the Unity asset store.

Mapping Tools

  • SabreCSG is a CSG geometry editor which allows you to lay out the general shape of your map RIGHT IN UNITY. You can make stuff like this in like 10 minutes with it! DOWNLOAD IT
    The Asset Store version is outdated!
  • Umodeler seems to be a very powerful modeler inside of Unity. Not free, but people who have got it so far are loving it.


Tons of different 3d props that you can use for your level including tables, chairs, trees, plants, rocks, industrial crap, lights, etc. If you do not want to model all your own stuff or just need some place holders, download these! THEY ARE FREE

Prop Pack 1 Prop Pack 2 Prop Pack 3

Oceanside props are also available here! Includes rocks, furniture, textures, etc. (Need Blender to load) Download

Need more? Turbo Squid

Materials and Textures

Need some materials for your maps floors, walls, outdoors? We have compiled a giant list of free materials here that should be suitable! THEY ARE FREE AS WELL. Use them, they will import right into Unity.

Need more?

Custom Intruder and Guard Skins

You can now make custom skins for the intruders and guards in any custom map. Attach the CustomMapSkins script to any object and load in your new materials.


Additional software you'll probably want

Photo editing software for textures