Mapmaking Guide



Make sure your project directory has no spaces in it when you want to test in Intruder. Put the Unity Project in a place like C:/UnityProjects/MyMap instead of /My Documents/My Maps/


  1. Install the Unity version listed above
    Make sure to install both Windows and Mac builds!
  2. Setup the project
    Open Unity.
    Start a new project and import the IntruderMM unity package.
    This will set you up with everything you need to start making your level.
    Just double click the package when you have your project open or use Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package
  3. Start making your level
    Make sure to grab a SpawnA and SpawnB from the Prefabs folder and place them in your level to choose where your guards and intruders will spawn. The prefabs folder is full a great things to get your levels started such as doors, windows, goal points, briefcases, etc.
    Because we are using Unity as the editor, you have control over all of it's level editing power, so please check out tutorials over the web if there's anything you want to try.
  4. Export and test your level
    Next to your Intruder.exe or Intruder.App put a folder called Content and a folder called Levels inside of that.
    Inside Unity go to Intruder -> Export Scene for Intruder and save your .ilf file in the Levels folder you just created.
    Now go to Intruder -> Play Scene in Intruder.
    The first time it will ask you to find your copy of Intruder.exe or Intruder.App.
    After you find that it will launch the level inside of Intruder so you can test it out offline!
  5. Upload and play your levels with others
    When your level is all set, export it to save it again and then go to Intruder -> Login and Upload.
    This will open a dialogue box where you will put in the credentials from your Intruder/Superboss forum account.
    Test out the login to make sure it works, then upload your level! The Unity console will inform you when the upload has completed.
    Then jump inside of Intruder and click the Custom Server button in the server tab.
    Choose your level from the level list and you are ready to play your custom level online with other agents!

Further reading